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judging soley from the article I read if Maker could bulk up more than he has and make legit gains towards greater strength he should go for it...even at the expense of losing some speed/agility...go for it.

Thon does seem to have a freakish skinny gene or whatever you want to call it though...i wouldn't be surprised in the least if its a lot tougher to make gains than most.
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Originally posted by StonesIQ:
Originally posted by Joe Jam:
I just made the point. They should do more. Because what they've done to this point isn't enough. Make that commitment to get to a point where his body, physique is not a liability or limitation.

Do you believe Thon Maker and his people have done as much as the Freak, LeBron and those elite NBA athletes who don't have issues with strength? I'm not asking Thon to be Freak or LeBron, only to commit to maximizing his physical gifts. I don't believe he's done that. If you think he has, cool, so be it.

The point is do more.

My point is that its insulting to Thon, the Bucks, the Pistons, and every strength and conditioning coach/nutritionist that’s ever worked with him to blatantly ASSUME he/they’ve not done have no idea if it’s even physically possible for Thon and his camp to “do more” - maybe the only way to “do more” is to scientifically alter the genetic makeup of his DNA?

you’re not knowledgeable about Thon’s workout/diet habits...and you clearly know nothing about the science behind genetics and/or kinesiology...hell - we may not even know Thons real age - but you feel you’ve made a valid point because of an assumption that you have - which is grounded in pure ignorance in regard to the totality of the situation?

I wonder what Thon would say if you gave him such wonderful advice...he’s probably never even considered the notion of adding more weight - he’d surely thank you for such novel insights into his health and work ethic!

Lol petty or not - you know what they say when you make assumptions...

Oh gawd. Get off the high horse. This is a messageboard, not an ethics lecture. Every single one of us on these boards, including yourself, make assumptions, express opinions, and use conjecture all the time. But this is when you want to call the moral police on assumptions? You just wanted to argue.

Assumption like Andre Drummond and Derrick Rose could net multiple first round draft picks?

Yeah we both know what they say about assumptions...
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Originally posted by keebler_kahn:
Thon has some defined positives and negatives to his game. Is he a capable NBA player, it depends on what you need from him while he's on the floor. He does have some NBA traits to his game. Here are my pro/con thoughts to Thon.

- he can shoot from 3 for a big
- he can block and alter shots
- when balanced he is able to score close to the rim

- he has a problem with fumbling the ball, which sometimes results in scoring opportunities or rebounds lost
- he is not able to be balanced due to lack of weight/strength, so easily bumped off of his spot
- he is a poor rebounder

Thon has the worst hands of any big in the league.

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